Differences you need to know between a junkyard and a salvage yard.

Salvage yard: a place where disused vehicles or other machinery is broken up and the parts saved and processed professionally for resale.

Junkyard: a place where scrap is collected before being discarded, reused, or recycled.

Junkyards and salvage yards are similars in some areas but there is one thing they don’t share; How they process used auto parts.

In a salvage yard most vehicles are acquired by auto auctions from cars that were involved in an accident and declared salvage, which means most of the parts were properly working by the time the car crash. G&G Auto’s takes the time to process to ensure his proper working before sell, giving you warranty in every part you buy.

As a salvage yard, we believe in recycle and eco-friendly and after pick the functional parts, the metal remains will be crushed and sold to recycling metal centers, recycling also the gas and oil from these vehicles.

Unlikely traditional junkyards where you must pull the part yourself, we bring the part to you while you wait in the office and drink some free coffee.

When you want a good deal in used auto parts, check out our big inventory online or call today at (215)426-1179 our professional team will be happy to assist you locate the used parts you need.

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